Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Zen Version

Everyone going nuts. Including me. The blog world buzzing again. The media armed with shields, napkins and tissues (in case a certain tear drop or two rolls out) came out with travel guides on virtues, conscience and perspectives.

To Boo or not to Boo.

I don't think anyone would have cared if Dada (may his cricket soul rest in peace) got boo-ed. Virtually every ground boo boo-ed him one time or the other. If not, atleast thought of booing him.

Poor Dada.. we couldn't care less.

When the umpires make mistakes with Dada or Dravid in the receiving end, the mistakes become part of the game.

But not with Him. An umpire gets crucified (to err is human not applicable anymore), as if he threw a can of grease on what could have become a Michaelangelo.

Now He was BOOed.

The Grannies and Nannies of the world of wisdom wasted no time in zooming on BOOing, considered to be a natural part of the game all around the sports world.

Not here.

Welcome three monkeys.


Amidst all hullaballoo last night I discovered Zen.

I met Mr. Zendulkar. No.. don't get me wrong. He is NOT Mr. Tendulkar who owns a Maruti Zen or Mr. Endulkar who DOES NOT own a Maruti Zen (frankly I don't see how anyone whose surname begins with an END can even own a safety-pin).

He is Mr. Zendulkar who recently attained Cricket Nirvana. He insists Life is Zen and cricket is just a state of allure of every immature mind.

So I interviewed Him, hoping I could get an insight or two.

Did you Sir, hear the boo?
A terrible moment for you
Do you feel Sir
The time is near
To hang the boots and visit a Zoo?

He said:

Have you ever seen a willow
Tucked away in a pillow?
Or a round red ball
In a shopping mall
Too freaky and not too shallow?

Simply I wasn't at his level. So I made one last effort.

Dear Sir, aren't you past your prime?
Take a break with soda and lime
As all the greats
Who were threats
To bowlers around, duly left in time.

His response was prompt.

There was a guy called WG Grace
He had a beard on his oval face
For that matter
A mad hatter
Came to him for a weekly raise.

I am now at peace. Amen.

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