Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Ambrosian Days

I happened to come across this interview of Curtly Ambrose in Times of India. It made my day.

One of my cherished memories in Cricket happened a good decade ago, in the second semifinal of 1996 Cricket World Cup, between West Indies and Australia at Mohali. With Australia put to bat, Mark Waugh, the Australian great who's in a dazzling form, took strike as Curtly Ambrose, the opening bowler for West Indies started his run-up to bowl the first over the match.

The first delivery, a banana outswinger pitched just outside the off and carried to the second slip, setting up Waugh perfectly for the gem that followed--a killer in-cutter caught Waugh plumb in front of the off and middle--Ambrosed.

Eventually West Indies lost to Australia by 5 runs. It was tragic because at one point, they were cruising at 160+ for 2, chasing what seemed to be a very attainable 207.

Thanks to google video, you can still get a flavor of the Ambrosian days.

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