Monday, May 08, 2006

Kobe Bryant's vanishing act

For Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers the season is officially over. And we are left with a big question mark on his ever evolving attitude.

The more I think about it, more I get convinced.

Kobe Bryant sabotaged the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe went 8 for 13 in the first half--hitting four three pointers and managed to keep the Lakers within a striking distance. Trailing by 15 at halftime, the Lakers were expected to come out in the third quarter as if there were no tomorrow.

Instead they came out flat. And the one who bailed them out time and time again wasn't interested.

Funny. When you have known his game for eight years, you know what the guy is capable of and you are perplexed because you haven't seen him quite like this--not when time is running out for him and the Lakers.

Kobe simply switched himself off in the second half--took only three shots--scored only one point on a technical free throw. He continued to watch his fellow Lakers struggling and yet never tried to get himself going.

Explain that Kobe.

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