Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kobe quit and what others are saying

Politely put Kobe's an engima. A true assessment of Kobe Bryant will land him anywhere between a talented dickhead and the one closest to MJ.

Real Kobe. Fake Kobe. And I am not talking about the Kobe behind the closed doors with a woman and a chair. Love him or hate him, you should at least agree with me here--the famously contrived persona makes him slip more often than not--something I consider unfortunate for someone who's still the most talented baller walking on this planet. And his occasional blast of immaturity, as was evident in game 7 against the Phoenix Suns, shows, he could at times become no more reliable than the infamous "airballs for Utah", tossed up years ago in the playoffs.

Going by Kobe--who knows what's next.

Quite a few folks think Kobe did quit. You can find them all over the blogosphere although the mainstream media remained mostly polite and pretended oversight. I personally recommend reading this gem from TJ Simers of Los Angeles Times. For those who are not aware of TJ, the guy got a wacky sense of humor.

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