Saturday, May 27, 2006

The NBA Conference Finals

Our own Matt Sussman has spoken his mind. Now Suss is a powerful guy, not in the sense Mike Tyson is, but because he's the sports editor of Blogcritics and everything I write goes through him before it sees the daylight. So when he says something you gotta pay attention. I do.

Suss felt that the rest of the NBA postseason will drive him to death by boredom. After all, it seems somewhat unreasonable to expect the remaining games (the conference and NBA Finals) to match or better the semifinals that have already become a part of the ESPN classics and NBA lore. Therefore his suggestion to save our souls is:

"Cancel the rest of the NBA playoffs."

Ouch, and thank you!

Maybe he has a point. I should have stopped watching the NBA after the 2002 Western Conference Finals between Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings because (arguably) basketball couldn't and wouldn't get any better than that. The Spurs and the Mavericks, in a way, came real close. The point is they came close enough to merit attention. Had we not watched them play their hearts out we wouldn't have known.

Of course I can never argue with the Suss's feelings, as feelings can get hurt. And there is a good chance that what Suss really wants is to put a leash on our lofty expectations, which are, frankly, loose right now. And who knows, maybe he's right.

Nonetheless, I will say this: Don't stop watching the games.

Maybe Suss was under the influence when he wrote his column. Maybe he was losing a curling game when he got the idea. I don't know. I never asked him because he's the editor and there are certain questions you never ask the editor.

Now that I've spoken, I have to start playing curling with him so that he wins every time and thinks I am nobody of consequence. And the next thing you know I'm suggesting not to watch NBA Finals.

On a related note, here are my teams for the finals. I am not trying to jinx anyone. I know I have an embarrassing record in predicting the future but I am not ashamed. (I am a man whose feet are firmly placed in the present and my crystal ball is a fake.)

Keep in mind that as I pick the NBA Finals matchup, both conference series are tied 1-1.

My head picks: Detroit Pistons and Dallas Mavericks. The battle of D's. It's still not a good idea to talk about Defense and Dallas, although they are far better now than those jack-up-threes-as-you-please years.

My heart picks: Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns. No justification. Just a feeling and you really cannot argue with feelings.

Perhaps you noticed I have chosen two out of four possible finals matchups. The other two -- Pistons-Suns and Heat-Mavericks -- are better left as our editor's picks.

He may not be watching but it doesn't mean he's not taking sides.

Enjoy the Conference Finals!

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