Monday, May 29, 2006

Why The Phoenix Suns Lost Game 3

Vanessa Casalegno felt that the game 3 between Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks was weird. She also thought the Suns were pretty careless with the ball leading to their downfall. Now that's part of the story.

In my response, I explained why the Suns lost (her comment and my original one can be found here). Below is a reproduction, edited for clarity and details.

I don't think it was just a weird game. In fact it was less weird and more Avery Johnson. Give credit to Dallas-they contested every shot and their transition defense took away the offensive explosiveness of the Suns.

I thought, the Suns just stopped running and when they tried they didn't have a clue. Shawn Marion was particularly miserable on the offensive end. Right now, with a thinner than the thinnest bench, they have to get balanced performances from everyone who shows up. Anything less, they are looking for another defeat in the next game.

I think it has been pretty much clear that Dallas is a superior team. Admittedly they got favorable breaks in the last minute calls against the San Antonio Spurs, but they showed they are more than capable of holding onto their own which is why they are now going to win the current series. Once you get past the Spurs, you get that confidence, that swagger, to challenge anyone, anytime and anywhere. The Mavericks are happily riding on the gains from the Spurs series.

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