Sunday, June 25, 2006

England v Ecuador - Post Mortem

When God is not saving the Queen, God must be pulling the strings for England who looked crippled, handily brought down to their knees because they were playing to the potential not including the hype with a cast of vastly over-rated blokes who should consider themselves just plain ol LUCKY to escape with the win.

If this is how it continues, then it's going to be discontinued pretty soon. To be fair, Portugal or Holland whoever wins today's game will comfortably win against England.

And finally, I'm sick of the actors turned crybabies turned actors in the England team , politely put. They are *bleeping* cheaters on the field -- they keep falling left, right, upside down, downside up as soon as anyone starts breathing down their neck - %^&**&^%.

Give lollys and send those freaks packing -- please.



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