Friday, June 23, 2006

The final two minutes of Australia vs Croatia

Were you there? If not, you probably missed the weirdest two minutes of the World Cup. Graham Poll - the British referee stole the show with some hilarious off the board officiating. This is how Scott Murray of The Guardian puts it in his min-by-min coverage of the game:
89 min This is all Croatia, who are swinging crosses into a nervous Australia box from either side.

90 min: Another red card! But... Graham Poll, who is a stupid bastard, is not getting the final, we can tell you that for nothing. After fouling Kennedy, Simunic is booked for a second time. He walks... then comes back when he realises Poll isn't going to show red. Ho ho hoh dear.

FULL TIME OF A FANTASTIC MATCH: Croatia 2 - 2 Australia Ha ha ha, Graham Poll is a complete clown. After a scramble in the box, Viduka sets about forcing the ball home for Australia... but Poll blows up for full time, Clive Thomas style, with the ball about to cross the line. He disallows the goal - not that it matters - but then he decides to book Simunic for a third time - and sends him off. He then blows up for full time AGAIN... before driving off the pitch in a car with square wheels.

Honk! Honk! The doors have just fallen off Poll's car, and there are jets of steam coming out of the engine. Let's hope nobody agrees to smell his funny flower!

Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody had a clue what's gong on. And this is how the game started, again in the words of Scott:
And we're off! Actually, no we're not. It's a false start. Not English Referee Graham Pollâ„¢'s fault, I'm sure. Mark Viduka upon being told he'll have to run about for a bit

And we're off! This time we are off;

I'm telling you it was THE funniest moment in this World Cup so far. Hard to beat that eh?



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