Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup Finals Prediction and No-blogging Notice

I will be away for two weeks. Postings will resume from 25th July onwards. Enjoy the World Cup Finals and cheer for the Azzurris.

Italy is going to win. I have no reason to believe otherwise. While it is true that I have consistently discounted France and they have proved me wrong for four straight games, it is also true that Italy is srtictly superior in every department of the game.

Italy enjoys a bit too much firepower in every position on the field as opposed to France who are severly short of proper back-ups once their stalwarts start having a bad day.

I would like to see Del Piero in the starting line up and Totti coming off the bench keeping up with the Italian tradition (goalscorer from the previous game always starts the next match).

It is also heartening to see the torch bearers of the loathed catenaccio system is playing breathtaking attacking style without compromising their defense led by the masterclass Cannavaro, who's as solid as ever.

Prediction: Italy wins 3-0.

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