Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Afterthoughts on Road to Middle East Peace

I am still collecting my incoherent thoughts to get into some of the deeper issues in the Middle East. In my last post I argued that any UN resolution must seek to balance the aspirations of the conflicting parties. In hindsight I feel that it was an incomplete assessment.

In my analysis I ignored the entirety of the situation--the tangle involving Palestinians, Hamas, Syria and Iran and instead focussed only on Hezbollah and Israel. The complexity of the situation, however merited a thorough analysis involving everyone having a stake in the region and not just Hezbollah.

In short, unless the Palestinian concerns and grievances are addressed in full, credibility of any peace process will always remain a question.

The secondary problems can be resolved, amicably and diplomatically if the international community is willing to put controlled checks on Syria and Iran. The mullahs in Tehran are ambitious, power hungry and crazy enough to jeopardize chances of a sustainable peace. They pose a far greater risk than the Syrians who are simply not capable of venturing alone without an Iranian hand.

Still, I am hopeful. The task ahead of us is difficult but not impossible.



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