Monday, August 28, 2006

T. J. Simers Talks to The Big Lead

He's a funny man. And he's always rubbing it on the BIG FAT sports egos. Love him, or hate him, he's right there with the wits of Woody Allen albeit in the world of sports.

The guy, officially known as T. J. Simers, is a sports columnist of the Los Angeles Times. The Big Lead did a terrific job interviewing him, although I'd have probed more on Simers' daughter who doesn't get dates. But I guess that's a small matter of taste.

I don't know how the interview was done--whether it was a face to face with a tape+video-recorder or just an exchange of emails, but if there's a video recording, I'd love to see Simers' face when asked "Is Scoop Jackson a hack or just an assclown?" Infact I'd even pay to see it.

Of course, like any other reasonable (do you think by using reasonable and Simers in the same sentence I just committed a felony?) journalist, Simers simply noted that he doesn't read or listen to Scoop to comment on him.

I'm sure there's a good deal of athletes and managers out there who'd love Simers to apply the same standard when it comes to sports.

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At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was an email interview. The only guys we can get face time with are Lonny Baxter and Albert Belle.

- The Big Lead


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