Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Universality of Disproportion

The clinical observation of Bobbie Johnson that - a handful of blogs get a shitload of hits, while a shitload of blogs get a handful of hits, was spot on. Thinking about it, I realized, the observation has a more universal appeal.

  • a handful of guys/gals get a shitload of dates, while a shitload of guys/gals get a handful of dates.

  • a handful of programs get a shitload of viewers, while a shitload of programs get a handful of viewers.

  • a handful of scientists get a shitload of grants, while a shitload of scientists get a handful of grants.

  • a handful of papers get a shitload of citations, while a shitload of papers get a handful of citations.

  • a handful of athletes get a shitload of endorsements, while a shitload of athletes get a handful of endorsements.

  • a handful of investors make a shitload of money, while a shitload of investors make a handful of money.

  • Feel free to expand the list ... but if you want to correlate with merit, beware of potholes.



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